City Escape

The focus of each post is a walk, linking some famous highlights, but also my personal favourites! I encourage you to take my map as a guide to lose yourself in the little streets, but you can always trace back your steps to a couple of highlights in the neighbourhood.

For each of the cities that are described here, you’ll first find a small description of the city and also what you must try: local specialties and a bit of history around them. So that you know what to taste when discovering the city!

Then, I’ve curated a walk through the city, linking my favourite spots and what you must see. For your convenience, you’ll also find them on a Google Map.

Sometimes, I found I wanted to point out places, that do not fit into the walk or are too far away from the city center – so I listed them below the map.

At the end of each post, you’ll find some info on how to get around: does the city invite you to take the bike, is there a good tramway network or should you rather take a bus?

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